December 6, 2009

Frankmusik's Christmas gift

There's been a trend over the past few week so artists announcing released just days before they're due out. First Badly Drawn Boy announced a new album, then Kylie announced her digital live record and now Frankmusik has released the online-only Completely Me, an acoustic version of his debut, Complete Me.

Normally this might be a throwaway, but one of details lost in Complete Me's chaotic campaign was Vince's rich voice. He is one of the best male singers out of the UK in years - folks who have seen him live can attest to that. The previously released ballad-y Black Gardenia version of 3 Little Words is one of my favorite recordings he's done.

Completely Me has twelve tracks and runs about 38 minutes, omitting only When You're Around. You can buy it on iTunes UK, Amazon UK and 7 Digital UK. In typical music biz shizz, there is currently no way for Americans to buy this. Not sure about other regions.

Meanwhile, he's recording his next album Follow The Leader. He confirmed to me via Twitter that one of the tracks will be Questionable Times, a brilliant tune left off Complete Me. Other tracks include Losing Streak and Break Light (that one reported by Arjanwrites to be the first single). No date or label has been announced.


D'luv said...

Acoustic album?? The real gift would have been to offer up more skin pics!

Myfizzypop said...

Hmmm, i wasn't as taken with vince as i possibly should have been (some of his wanky interviews didn't help) but perhaps an acoustic album will help me see through all the glitter to the man at the heart of it. I'll let you know :)

PS whatever happened to Preston!

xolondon said...

One can assume there will be no Preston CD. Didn't his single tank. He must have been in a mercenary deal where he had to chart to get a release. So to speak!