December 14, 2009

Favorites 2009: Album Covers

Shades of Grace Jones and Jean Paul Goude. Hot.

I like how minimal and edgy this is. She has a lock on indie pop Goddess.

I prefer album covers with "iconic" images and this makes her look like a huge monument to herself. Elly's trademark hair in its finest state and the flawless androgyny, speaking of which...

The Gossip put the handsome Hannah on their cover, which was wry given the album title. The problem, though, was that Beth Ditto is their identity so it's hard for casual fans to even notice this is a new Gossip LP.

Antigone's friend painted that backdrop for her - it's not just two images stuck together. A perfect visual representation of the music.

Brilliant hair (which gives the mustache a pass), nice color tones and fab logo. Gives them a sort of... indie cache.

An album cover from the old school of Brit pop. "Buy us!" it says.

I wish I liked their music as well as the album cover and titles (one single was called Dorchester Hotel).

See also: Paloma Faith's artwork and videos


Aaron said...

Love the Antigone Cover - and the La Roux one, well, it's memorable and image consolidating - that's for sure!

I like the colour tones on the Fibes, Oh Fibes cover too!

Myfizzypop said...

i love how you are really invested in the covers of albums and how they are important to you. It's certainly made me think a lot more about them too!

Karin said...

I take my hat off and say thanks for this nice mention!
Cheers, Karin (Fibes-cover)

xolondon said...

Everyone, Karin designed the Fibes art! Karin, you are so talented and for the new year I wish you many fantastic, fun jobs!


love the la roux cover and the mumford & sons cover. no idea who the latter are, but still love it nonetheless :p

Karin said...

Thanks Stephen, that's so kind. Well, I hope 2010 brings only good stuff for all of us. (Maybe Spotify to you if you don't have it?)

countpopula said...

I love the Dragonette and La Roux covers, and I also liked Lady Gaga's Fame Monster, Yeah Yeah Yeah's It's Blitz, and Fever Ray's self titled album. Strangely I wasn't too thrilled with Patrick Wolf's album cover this go round, but the inside photos were fantastic. Morrissey holding a baby rather halfheartedly was pretty good too.

Worst album covers for good records: Frankmusik (what a sad photo), Ian Brown (someone just snapped my photo in the yard), and Imogen Heap (that's the best thing they came up with?). Even the U2 was damn boring, and I'll never forget when the record company sent out promotional posters with no names on them--just blank black & white photos of a horizon, like common people are supposed to have any idea who the heck that artwork represents. Sales followed suit.

Diva Incarnate said...

Dragonette's is just so very Marcella Detroit - the fizzing organ and insensed yelping, could Marcy really be an influence? Probably not, but you never know.

It's probably more inspired by the Grace Jones/Cristina covers.

xolondon said...

I forgot about Marcella's album where she is extra tall. That's the CD with Detroit, a true lost classic.