December 9, 2009

The Ellie Goulding Machine: ON

It's fascinating to watch an artist who has previously seem so indie suddenly launched into the megasphere. Ellie Goulding, who has spoken a great deal about loathing hype, this week received word that not only had she landed on the BBC's Sound Of 2010 list, but she'd also won the BRITs 2010 Critics' Choice award. I'd say that award is a load of shit, were it not for the amazing (and successful) Adele getting the first one. Ellie suddenly has some glam new photos and even a new logo...

Notice how her name glows? What makes Ellie, 21, so exciting is her unusual level of versatility. She can do electropop, folk, dreamy ambient tunes (check out her new b-side on itunes, Fighter Plane). Often she mixes these styles together subtly. Hype Machine will lead you to numerous previously leaked MP3s. Among the gems: Starry Eyed, Guns And Horses, Wolves, even an acoustic cover of Midlake's Fleetwood Maccy tune Roscoe.

Ellie was just interviewed on the Guardians's Music Weekly Podcast (MP3) with Paul MacInnes. There'll be a lot more where that came from.

Ellie Goulding Under The Sheets

1 comment:

The Richard said...

... all of which is great news because if half of Ellie's tunes are as good as 'Under the sheets' she's on to a winner. She seems quirky, versatile and has real potential. Bravo.

BUT! HOLY CRAP! If one single more pop act uses Century Gothic Light as their 'unique' logo I think I might actually LOSE THE WILL TO LIVE.

Is only one British graphic designer churning out these covers? Are they only allowed to use this one font? It makes everything look so incredibly tiresomely BORING. I know budgets in this area are far from what they were, but *really*.

(rant over)