December 7, 2009

2010: Alex Gardner

Xenomania is now in the business of trying to "build" artists from the ground up, albeit with mixed success. Vagabond went nowhere, but Gabriella Cilmi did fine. In 2010, they will launch the duo Mini Viva, who already have two sparkly dance-pop singles, and this 18 year old Scot, Alex Gardner.

The Guardian wrote about him
last week, saying he's "less techno-ish than but more dancey than Erik HassleGary Go and certainly straighter and less playful than Frankmusik, Tommy Sparks and Dan Black." That's a bucket of references only a few pop fans will actually get. Alex has supported Paulo Nutini and The Script live, but a myspace acoustic sample of his first single Yesterday's News (out in March), is a non-event in my opinion. Very James Morrison, but maybe a bit fresher. This kid still has a bit of eggshell in his hair, so hopefully Xenomania is wise enough to prevent keep him away from the old man-isms of Morrison and Nutini. I am not convinced we need more blue-eyed soul right now.

But look at him. Pity Alex is so hard on the eyes. I am fascinated by people whose features all seem to fall into perfect place. His photos remind me of a young Chet Baker.

You can watch him perform a version of You See With Me at the Daily Record. Better still, sign-up here to receive a free MP3 of There Goes My Heart (Demo Version), which you can watch:



Vinny Vero said...

Yawn! Xenomania should stick to writing great songs. For every Mini Viva there is this guy and five others like him. This is where the undoing begins for production teams who stretch too far outside the things they do best.

xolondon said...

I actually like the free song. It's a grower, heh heh.

Myfizzypop said...

I do quite like Alex. I've been uh, hovvering around his periphery for a while now :) I wonder if boys like him and sammy taylor will ever make it big?

xolondon said...

I suspect boys like Alex and Sammy make it big at least once a day. Perhaps more.

Michael said...

It's very pleasant. Not sure yet if it's anything more than that.