November 19, 2009

Charlotte in a tennis skirt

Charlotte Gainsbourg & Beck Heaven Can Wait:

Brilliant video for a throwaway song. Gone are the strings and elegance from Charlotte Gainsbourg's debut 5:55. They've been replaced by Beck's sort of droll cynicism, which is reflected in this video. There are some great images, but really, I don't like Charlotte slumming it with obese children in LA nearly as much as I like Charlotte in Paris...

Read my 2007 review of the must-have 5:55

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Anonymous said...

I like "Heaven Can Wait" more than any of the tracks on her previous album. However, the songs never seem to have much heart to them; she's very distant and cold (yes.. very French), it's almost like she's doing a musical equivalent of drag. Also, having listened to "5:55" recently.. the albums' a bore. Not that I'd blame Charlotte.. that rests with Air.