September 4, 2009

You just want the attention

LaRoux I'm Not Your Toy:

There was a time when I could not stand LaRoux, but the majority of their record is shiny rather than tinny.

NME Magazine's recent ranking of the group as one of the top 50 innovators is beyond appalling. There is nothing remotely innovative about LaRoux's melodic regurgitation of 1982, but that doesn't take away from the high points: Bulletproof, I'm Not Your Toy, As If By Magic, Colourless Colour, and Cover My Eyes.

The new video for I'm Not Your Toy is stylishly odd, like some weird Gatsby-meets-Last Days-Of-Disco pool party. But the lyric is my life's love story:

It's all false love and affection
You don't want me
You just like the attention

Ummmm hmmmm

Update: Is this the single cover? Lush!


Phil said...

I love this video! Like the cover of H17's Penthouse and Pavement single, it is DELUXE...

I confidently predict though, that La Roux will be using 1984 as the source for their next album. They've already said How Men Are by Heaven 17 (amazing record) is their favourite.

Vinny Vero said...

Phil stole my "deluxe" comment! :) I swear that will be the hot, new catch phrase.

I'm in the same camp, so to speak, as you are on La Roux. It took me a long time to warm up to them and the album.

This sounds like a remix from the album version. Very "White Horse" toward the beginning. Nice to see a video with a little aloof, creativity.

D'luv said...

The guy who answers the phone toward the end of the clip is such a foxy-fox. He was on stage with them when I saw La Roux in April out here (though, Ben, the other official member, was nowhere to be found).


John said...

I think you hit it right on the head. "Creative" and "innovative" are not the same thing. I really like this, but can reinvigorating an older style be considered innovating?

DanProject76 said...

Great video, it improves the song for me even if it looks like it was shot at Club Tropicana (the Waham! version not an organisation dedicated to the orange juice).

This is one of the old old La Roux songs to my ears but I'm still liking the album more than I thought I would. But yeah not innovative just rather good stuff.

Michael said...

Wow, this is a really good video from La Roux. It makes me want to wobble from side to side in a vaguely rhythmic fashion.

Mr. Will-W. said...

AMAZING. THEIR BEST VIDEO YET. I could swear that's Tom Wilkinson in the video???