September 3, 2009

Tonight: Me + PSB

I've stayed away from too many spoilers for the show, though I know it's less heavy on the hits and ends with a Coldplay cover.

In actual news, last night I got a sneak listen to Vinny Vero's new remix of Beautiful People. It's going to be brilliant! You can order it from Amazon Germany here - there are not many being made, so act fast.


Yuяi said...

So jealous! Enjoy the show, XO!

D'luv said...

Have fun! It's in three weeks from tonight for me.

countpopula said...

Saw them last night in Atlantic City per your recommendation. You were right...Four times seeing them now, and this was one of the best shows they've done. Amazing what can be done with a budget of white boxes and some ingenious computer effects (great outfits for the boys as well). Neil was also in the finest voice I have heard him in. Strangely I didn't really miss the "diva" backup singers either. New songs sounded great, and It's a Sin was no less than IMMENSE. Decent venue too--House of Blues kept the AC on and I was 15 ft. from Chris' workstation. A much better experience than I had at Depeche Mode's loud, hot, & overpriced Borgata show a month earlier ($125US for DM vs. $55 PSB). A win on all counts!