September 8, 2009

Romance is not dead: Richard Hawley

Richard Hawley For Your Lover, Give Some Time

Breaking a moment from the Sugababes and glitter balls, I want to proclaim my love for a song that is merely quiet on first listen and then blooms like a rose. Richard Hawley is the man for swoony ballads, often forlorn. This one is proper romance.

I will give up these cigarettes
Stay at home and watch you mend the tears in your dress
have your name in rose tattooed across my chest
And be your lover for all time

The song,
with a new b-side, Sorry I Lost My Way, is on iTunes now. Here is the album version:

My favorite Hawley ballad is the utterly shattering The Ocean (video). It's on iTunes everywhere - try him, especially if it's raining and you are alone.


minor disappointments said...

The last sentence in this post=truer words have never been spoken. "Coles Corner" is my essential rainy day album. And, although it's not on "CC," "Naked in Pitsmoor" is equally shattering.

xolondon said...

I don't know Naked In Pitsmoor - am looking now on itunes!

Anonymous said...

Hey, not to criticize, but the correct lyric is:

"have your name in rose tattooed across my chest
and be your lover for all time."

xolondon said...

Thanks! That was my forgetting to fix a quick type that was further wrecked by spellcheck!

Anonymous said...

Spell check and grammar check have both ruined far too many lives.

xolondon said...

I hope not!