September 14, 2009

New Janet Jackson song

Janet Jackson is offering a free unreleased song on her website today. It's called Make Me and it's pretty good - produced by Rodney Jerkins (thankfully minus the "Darkchild" bit). As for her tribute to Michael last night, it was very humbly done. She only appeared during the one song they sang together, Scream. Michael was honored via dance, which worked very well. 


Michael said...

Like that Janet tune - very funky.

designscene said...

this is a nice direction, it's janet... and you can feel there's no JD around, thank god

Adem With An E said...

Much better, isn't it?

I liked the tribute, though I did find the first bits (before Janet, after Madonna) to be a tiny bit... all over the place?? I found myself watching the video backdrop before Janet came out.