September 12, 2009

Fibes v Kim: There's no turning back from who we are

No video yet for Fibes, Oh Fibes! duet with Kim Wilde, but you can watch them below, performing it at some festival. I love how Christian Olsson's clothes never seem to cover him, even in their press pics. He always has on a very low-cut teeshirt and his pants seem sort of draped on (watch the end of the clip). He's very touchy feely, how he clings to her during the performance. You just know that if you invited Christian over for a drink, he'd be "all over that" in a hot minute.

Bless Kim Wilde for kicking this out after all these years. She looks great and she rocks and it's nice that Fibes recognized that.

Thanks to Day By Day Kim Wilde

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New Swedish band:
(via Monocle Magazine which featured them in one of their podcasts).

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