September 11, 2009

Editors: Sleep twitch, sweet twitch? Whatever, it's great.

Three bits about Editors:

1 Their album has a pleasing title, In This Light And On This Evening
2 Their album cover is deluxe.


3 Their blinding new single Papillon is like Gary Numan meets Peter Murphy meets Depeche. The chorus is lovely and that line it kicks like a sleep twitch is wicked (I vote sleep vs sweet).

Editors Papillon:


Vinny Vero said...

Love it! So many influences. There's some early Simple Minds in there, too.

Sleep twitch? It's a far better lyric than "charlie horse".

Anonymous said...

Really loving this track, and actually, quite liking the video as well. How about some U.S. dates soon? Can't wait.

Poster Girl said...

Not to be too repetitive, but this is what the Editors sound like? I had no idea there were synths involved!

Thanks for tweeting about my reappearance, by the way.

xolondon said...

Poster girl, this is a new sound for them. Less guitar and more synth.

D'luv said...

I liked the Editors' first album, was a bit ho-hum on the second one, but hope this new one is as good as this single. It seems like do or die time for them.