September 7, 2009

Alison Moyet, 25 years on

Have you ever felt a sense of pride for artists you love who've managed to create beautiful music for many years longer than the usual pop icon shelf life? I feel that about
Alison Moyet, whose new collection,The Best of Alison Moyet: 25 Years Revisited, is out in early October. The deluxe version has 11 "new live versions of songs from her back catalogue with the band who are accompanying her on this tour." They are: 1. All Cried Out 2. Ski 3. Hoodoo 4. Ordinary Girl 5. Midnight 6. This House 7. Find Me 8. Footsteps 9. Is This Love? 10. Situation 11. Wishing You Were Here

Notice in my favorites list below how many tracks are from Alison's 1994 album, Alf. Looking back, that was one of the records from my teen years that essentially "got me through" a bad period. It's perfect. Swain and Jolley, the producers, were at the top of their game. Numerous artists have hinted that the duo were difficult and controlling, including Alison, who seems to have
mixed feelings about this album.

XO's Top Ten Plus One Alison Moyet songs

Do You Ever Wonder?

Should I Feel That It's Over
Love Resurrection video
Honey For The Bees
Steal Me Blind
All Cried Out video
Where Hides Sleep
One More Time

Don't Go (Yaz)
Wishing You Were Here

Alison Moyet Invisible:

If you live in the UK, you're lucky because you can see Alison live throughout November and December. Dates listed here.


Michael said...

I love Alison, she's amazing.

Here is my list.

Back Where I Belong
Whispering Your Name (Dance Version)
Weak In The Presence Of Beauty
All Cried Out
Love Resurrection
Honey For The Bees
It Won't Be Long
Ordinary Girl

xolondon said...

I love Weak - though Is This Love was the one I cut from my list. I forget Back Where I Belong.

Michael said...

I thought Back Where I Belong was really sexy. I was kind of surprised the Fine Young Cannibals guys fizzled out.

xolondon said...

Which album was it on?

Michael said...

It was on Hoodoo.

countpopula said...

Solo--Should I Feel That It's Over, Wishing You Were Here, and This House=excellent. Yazoo--pretty much everything she did was great.

What Alison has lacked from time to time in musical arrangements she generally makes up for with THAT VOICE.

Myfizzypop said...

Alison for me is one of those artists that I shamefully forget how great they are until a greatest hits like this is released. I actually surprised myself by how much music of hers I do have...

DanProject76 said...

Her last 2 albums (The Turn and Hometime) were absolutely fantastic and she's always been one of those nice normal people who I seem to go for. Plus she's from Esex like me...

I'll add this to the Christmas list for the deluxe thing, even though the old Best Of had a second disc of live tracks too.

D'luv said...

To answer the question in your first sentence, yes.

Joseph said...

"Should I Feel That It's Over" is SUCH a knockout but my favorite solo Moyet track would still have to be "It Won't Be Long" which I was pretty obsessed with in tenth grade. "The First Time EVer I Saw Your Face" is pretty damn good too...

Yuяi said...

I also love her redo of the classic Yaz(oo) tune "Ode To Boy."

The linked article provides a great view of where Alison was 20 years ago. When all of the Yazoo stuff got reissued recently, I saw a youtube of her thanking Vince for her career. I thought that was very cool of her and so very true as well.

zen~ said...

On my weddin' night back in May, 2006, me and the blushing actually chose to see the play 'Small' that Alison did with Dawn French! She belted out a few tunes, even doing a Robbie Williams number!! Love the gal.

I don't think Alf ever got the commercial success she deserved in the last decade, but always divine. I loved Vince's remix of 'Whispering..'