February 16, 2009

Playlist: A saint, a sinner, an absolute beginner.

Pic taken a few summers ago at Marc Jacobs in NYC. Bring on the heat. I am over winter.

Some recommended tunes from my recent iPod playlists. Note the lack of pure pop or big name stuff. That will change soon when a clutch of major albums comes out.

1. Kate Havnevik Halo myspace
Classic Havnevik, if that's possible after only one CD. That means it's vair vair symphonic. Kate wisely popped this onto iTunes before anyone knew it was coming out. Smart lady, that's the way the music biz should be run. Fantastic chorus, whirling strings and a brilliant final moment.

2. The Leisure Society Last Of The Melting Snow. myspace
The Leisure Society are pastoral British pop. This is gentle stuff reminsicent of the softer Trashcan Sinatras tunes. Their album, called The Sleeper, is out March 16 (my birthday!). "America seems an awful way to go / As we hide ourselves in the last of the melting snow." Note that the single is on iTunes, even in the US.

3. The Roots Union Rough Diamonds MP3 at BBC
Earthy, folk-pop, strings, seriously atmospheric. I found this and the previous tune on Tom Robinson's BBC 6 radio show. Roots Union caught my ear because of lead singer Tobias Ben Jacob's cracked voice. That and the first line about a "Northern town." Sing about a British town or street or area and I am sure to lay down for you. The title of this post comes from this tune, fyi.

4. Bat For Lashes Daniel try here
Natasha's [her name is sadly not Bat] debut album didn't really cling like it should have. This new single is breathy and mysterious, with just enough of hook and beats to sate me. She's like a more "gossamer" PJ Harvey. Note that album track Pearl's Dream is equally compelling.

5. A Camp Love Has Left The Room myspace
Their second album, Colonia, has not lured me in. Perhaps because that word reminds me of colonic. Hmmph. Anyway, Nina take a brief left turn with this track, which has a big string arrangement and a kind of Phil Spectorish grandeur. I'd like to stand in the background doing the ahhhhs while waving a big bouquet back and forth. Or something.

6. Ra Ra Riot Suspended In Gaffa get it here
The single Can You Tell (more) is kicky'n'fresh, but their take on Kate Bush makes me smile everytime I play it. I love how lead singer Wesley Miles' voice rises and cracks on various notes. Cello, violin and a crashing drum... Not till I'm ready for you hoo hoo.

Most wanted song this week: Kylie Minogue's You Are There. This standard was played during her documentary, but the only version I've found is a rip from the film, marred by talking. Anyone have a complete version? That song is incredibly sweet.


countpopula said...

I always love your recommendations. I promptly went & bought the Kate Havnevik as well--didn't know it was for sale yet. Melankton was a great album.

The Bat for Lashes is excellent, and anyone who knows the Kate Bush song will find that version amusing.

What happened to the electronica-based solo record Nina Persson was supposedly recording after the last Cardigans album? Guess her hubby had different ideas. Maybe it ended up in the graveyard with the Shirley Manson album???

torr.typepad.com said...

That song isn't on A Camp's myspace. I still need to listen to that album.

stephen said...

A Camp all the way - I can't stop playing the ones on either side of your favourite - Bear On The Beach, Golden Teeth and Silver Medals and Here Are Many Wild Animals. Thanks for your list - I thought you may have given up on Nina.

Myfizzypop said...

The only song i'm aware of is the Ra Ra Riot track, which you got me all fizzy over last week. I am really liking their album, and am off to check out your other quality recommendations :)

duanemoody.com said...

While I have been enjoying the A Camp album (I mean, Nina is pure brilliance, so how could I not?), I am not getting as instantly pulled in as I did with the first one. I do really like it though, and it is definitely a grower.

Adem With An E said...

That Bat For Lashes track is incredible, I'm eager to hear the new album as I loved "Fur & Gold" so much. The video clip for "What's A Girl To Do?" was one of my faves from 2007.