January 26, 2009

We celebrate by drinking poison

Some bright spark should compile a book of Grace Jones's press encounters as she promotes Hurricane. Here is an excellent piece by Sophie Heawood published last week in The Times. A few highlights:

1 She is still working on new music with Ivor Guest and hopes to release another record in the next two years.

2 In her current stage show, she hula-hoops for ten minutes during Slave To The Rhythm.

3 She tells her audience that her p*ssy is still tight and she needs sex.

4 You read #3 correctly.


Brad said...

So, what is it altogether then? A possible documentary, a possible album, and a possible autobiography?

Oh, Grace...These empty promises!

Adem With An E said...

Yes! She did all of that (and more) when I saw her show in Sydney two weeks ago. We all quite enjoyed her pussy banter, and her "Fuck those prescription drugs. Don't give them to your kids! Try out the real shit first, then write your own prescription!" quote at the end of the night.