January 27, 2009


Starsailor Tell Me It's Not Over:

A few comments about Starsailor and lead singer James Walsh:

1) This is the first decent Britpop song in ages. In fact, it's banging. I love a good "you cheated!" song.

2) The band had two great albums - Love Is Here (2001) and the poppier Silence Is Easy (2003) - but the third was a ball of phlegm. Not one good song on the whole affair, so March's All The Plans is an important comeback.

3) Their best song has this chorus: Daddy was an alcoholic.

4) The only time I have ever been backstage was at a Starsailor show on their first US headlining tour. Walsh could have cared less and was totally unresponsive. The drummer, Ben, was lovely and chatty.

5) Per #4, it does not bother me to point out that James is not featuring "hot" anymore (see evidence of previous looks below.) That said, I love this band and I love his voice. I'm sure I'll regret the looks comment soon enough.

Starsailor Lullaby (2001):

check him out at 2:58.


Michael said...

I liked their first album, especially Good Souls, and haven't really given them a thought since.

Phil said...

It's over...

Phil said...

The title was just asking for that.

Myfizzypop said...

why just today i was bemoaning the lack of good british brit pop song. And poof! Like a fairy godmother you deliver. hurrah. etc. BTW, the lead singer of Snow Patrol was alarmingly witty on the Sunday Night Project this week! Who knew?

John said...

I really like this, but man, do they sound like the Fray on that track or WHAT? Not that it's a bad thing, since I'm a big ol' Fray fan.

xolondon said...

I don't know the Fray, but I think they sound like Starsailor on it, which I probably predates the Fray. See how that works!