January 12, 2009

A message

In the music blog spheres, there seems to be some confusion of hubris and humility. The recent blog awards / rankings have done nothing but massage egos and create a divisive mood among bloggers. For me, these awards and rankings mean little when placed aside the topic I write about: inspiring music. That's not a haughty comment - I'm not creating a CV, I'm writing about pop!

Validation is not getting hordes to vote for you via links or message board requests. What matters is the community you create with your blog. One in which you truly participate, not preside above. One that leads a reader to send you a random note saying that you rock and that they totally agree on the new Girls Aloud single. What matters is the thoughtfulness that you put into your writing. Do you rush to be The First, or do you write to be clear and expressive? What matters is that you have something unique to say.

I suppose there is some arrogance in me presenting what may be perceived as a "finger wag" here. It's often a laugh to gape at the cravenness of some bloggers. I have been dismayed recently by how easily artists themselves are won over by smooth talk. Sycophants win the battle, not the war, and their presence doesn't really help musicians, does it? What matters is that your opinion is not tainted by sidling up to fame - and I use that term loosely - or confusing criticism with PR.

I do not believe that bloggers are the new leaders of the industry. I would never ascribe that kind of position or power to myself. That's a golden calf. They/we may perhaps be the new community organizers - and we see how well those guys can turn out! - but not the new Establishment. When you can financially front the recording of an album, distribute it and promote it successfully, please get back to me and I'll revise these comments.

What goes up must come down and I am wise enough to know that. To paraphrase a friend many of you know/read, just do what do you do, for yourself, and don't worry about the rest.

We each have our own values and these are mine. Said with love. XO


D'luv said...

Well said, as per usual.

You really do have to put blinders on and not let the lame-o's getcha down.

As with anything in life, an absence of humility usually indicates insecurity.

Take me for instance...yeah, I have a giant tool down my shorts. But I'm humble about it, and always willing to share.

Myfizzypop said...

Nicely put. I'm happy to have this little community of friends who comment and email on the inane things i blog about, and even schlep their asses to starbucks in freezing cold new york. That's always been the golden ticket for me. There WAS a time when i thought i wanted more from the blog, but perspective was gained and i'm very happy with my insignificant but fantastic little page :P

A blog takes time so whatever a blogger does with their individual effort should be right for them. I have to say your blog is beautifully written, incisive and inspires some intelligent and thought provoking comments. Always a treat to read. And then D'Luv will mention his tool... :P

Brad said...

Don't stop doing what you're doing.

You're the reason I started blogging. It's true!

xolondon said...

I'm not stopping!

El MarvelOso said...

I love how music can bring people together.

I grew tired of reviewers who had an agenda or caved into industry buzz. I prefer to get opinions on music through blogs. Same with my news.

Thank you for exposing me to some great music!

John said...

What you said.

It's funny...I've had an entry kicking around my head similar to this, and planned to post it this morning. It's a bit exhausting to feel like you need to chase down the next big thing before anyone else finds it. Not exactly what a hobby is supposed to feel like, is it?

Having said all of that, I'm not going to stop giving props to you for your unique perspective on music out in here in the blogosphere. Please keep up the great work.

duanemoody.com said...

Very well said; this is what I do it for too.


Mr. Will-W. said...
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Mr. Will-W. said...

i'm glad you clarified re: the finger wagging thing because i don't see what you wrote in any way as an attack. i can see it's hard not to grow attached to one's blog and take things personally.

i can imagine it being like seeing it like your own child doing well in school when there is praise for it, or like an attack when it the child is bullied at school.

everyone has a different motivation for doing what they do and there is no wrong or right. success is a very relative term and we all define it so differently. i am proud of all my friends who were finalists in the weblog awards. they've done extremely well for themselves, and whether or not they embrace being a finalist as a form of praise, one cannot deny it is good to be recognized.

there are no losers, i think. gaining one more loyal reader out is just as great a success as gaining 100 new readers in my books.



Daft Monk said...


Phil said...

It is weird how, given a platform, some people come out with some right old shit. It's disturbing, especially when they're so deluded. But it's damn funny. But I do feel a bit guilty laughing at afflicted.

Good for you for saying the unsayable.

Now, I can't stay and chit chat. I've got an artist I need to break.

Phil said...

Ha! Just re-read my first sentence. It sounds like I'm commenting on your diatribe! I wasn't, honest! It was a general comment on deluded bloggers.

Adem With An E said...

Brilliant piece. I read this early last week on my phone but, alas, Blogger will not allow me to log in through the ol' cellular.

There's not much else to add that hasn't already been said. Just wanted to shout props for a good read (I've been away, catching up on all commenting today!)