January 17, 2009

Brilliant Blog: Music On Vinyl

I've been obsessed with Music On Vinyl for a few weeks. Since getting a new iPod Classic, I've wanted to add the proper album covers to my iTunes library. Not just album covers, but proper single covers too... I'm very nutsyfaganbooboookitty about this. Anyway, I discovered Music On Vinyl when looking for the single cover to a China Crisis' Black Man Ray. The site is updated everyday with several new posts. Take a look now!

Some gems I've found at Music On Vinyl:

Sade: Never As Good As The First Time - 12" version

Stewart Copeland & Stan Ridgway: Don't Box Me In

Peter Godwin: Baby's In The Mountains

The Lover Speaks: No More I Love You's

Diana Ross: Eaten Alive- 12" version

Note that the blogger, Marcel, also tells you where and when he bought the vinyl and how much he paid!


Michael said...

I really miss China Crisis. I loved that band.

Phil said...

China Crisis are still going. I saw them support Belinda Carlisle a couple of years ago. It was amazing to hear those songs again. And weirdly, someone I knew was playing with them. Mad.

I love this site. The blogger is a music NUT. The Pet Shop Boys' rare single version of One More Chance is on there. Gawd, I sound geeky.

John said...

What a cool site. Thanks for sharing!