December 9, 2008

Whatever you do, there will be tears.

Mr. Hudson and Tony Williams There Will Be Tears

Did you catch my post on Mr. Hudson a few weeks back?
He is on tour with Kanye (hello, boyfriend?) and here he is backstage singing his new track There Will Be Tears. Love this song and Tony Williams has a gorgeous voice. I should note that Mr. Hudson does vocals on Paranoid on The Voice Of His Generation Wretch Kanye's new
808... album. Mr. Hudson's CD is going to be called Now I See and will include another Kanye collab, Supernova.

I have always liked Kanye as a producer because I think he knows how to get the best qualities out of his collaborators. That said, I find him hard to like. Have you ever been around someone that insecure and narcissistic? It's incredibly tiresome. Would you talk about if you met him? How he is a better human being than you?

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John said...

Once again, it's very cool stuff. Someone's doing a great job of feeding the right bits out to the public.