December 21, 2008

We interrupt this Tops 2008 programming to...


...about the forthcoming Saint Etienne single, Method Of Modern Love. Just listen to the sample at PopJustice and I won't need to explain any further. The first great pop song of 2009.

It fits perfectly with the fact that someone actually worthy told me I was "very cute" this weekend [ed: this never happens]. So sing along: "One touch is not enough / When you start, you can't stop / That's the method of modern love."*

*actually that's "the method of of mod-uhn lo-oh-oh-oh-oh-ah-oh"


Dan said...

Fantastic! Saint Etienne were nearly a casualty of the same incident that brought about the demise of Girls Aloud for me, and I'm very glad to be hearing something new from them.

Myfizzypop said...

uh, i've met you. You ARE very cute.

xolondon said...

Paulie Fizzm, your check is in the mail.

Dan, this is intriguing. What incident put you off GA?

countpopula said...

This song is set to be a truly epic pop moment of 2009! We've been waiting so patiently since Tales From Turnpike House, but this surpasses even my expectations, and thank Jesus it's not a Hall & Oates cover. I can't wait for the whole thing to be released!

As for the cute comment, looks like 2009 may be looking up in more ways than just one great pop song for you!