December 29, 2008

Red alert: Annie back

Annie Lennox's long-delayed new single, Shining Light, debuts on January 5th on the Ken Bruce show on BBC Radio 2. She's shot a video for it too- let's hope it's better than Dark Road's taxi riding.

Brits can also see Annie on the BBC on NYE doing "one of her solo hits and a classic big band tune" on Jools Holland's Hootenanny.


jt said...

Does she have a new album or a greatest hits coming out? I thought I heard about a greatest hits a while ago, but then I saw something leaked across the web.

Also glad to see that she's doing well after her massive surgery for her back.

xolondon said...

It's a Hits album slash DVD. There are two new songs. Shining Light is an Ash cover and the other song (I forget the title) is actually an unreleased Keane track. She wrote neither, which is odd.

John said...

I love the fact that I read this after I read you comparing Will Young to her. While her concert last year was disappointingly short, she's still got it. Looking forward to hearing the new tracks.