December 26, 2008

Learn to get together

Daniel Merriweather Change:

I'd completely forgotten that Daniel Merriweather's debut album comes out this Spring. It's taken him almost two years to produce the record with Mark Ronson, so I'm hoping for greatness. While I could do without a rap feature - which takes vocal time away from Daniel - the first single Change is solid soul/pop, even if the video above is weak. The album it leads is called Love & War; other songs include Red, Cigarettes, Getting Out, For Your Money and Chainsaw

This week Ronson and Merriweather also released a cover of McCartney's 70's geekhit Wonderful Christmastime. It's all over HypeMachine and is pretty faithful, which is good or bad depending on your tolerance level for the original. Love the false start. If that ain't your groove, then go right back to their tear-soaked cover of The Smiths' Stop Me.

It's highly likely that Daniel will be a household name (in indie/pop shanties at least) by the end of 2009. Let us say a little prayer that fame does not swallow him the way it overtook his friend Amy Winehouse. He is the real deal.

Thanks to Arjan for catching this new single.


John said...

Great tune, and for some reason, I'm a sucker for that style of video. Definitely looking forward to Daniel and Mark unleashing the full-length in 2009.

Cook In / Dine Out said...

Thanks for posting this. It's pretty decent. I'll keep an eye out for the album. I always love Mark Ronson.

DanProject76 said...

That rappity rapping bit is indeed rather unnecessary, isn't it?

Not a bad song... but it's all been done before... Ignore me, I have been listening to Marvin Gaye :-)

I was hoping for a useless puppet Godzilla to appear at the end of the video and bite his head of.

mike said...

I'm pretty disappointed by this. I had very high hopes for him as he looks like someone I would have stalked in high school. And that long wait for a song with a super depressing hook - not smart. I'll stay hopeful about the full cd.