December 14, 2008

It's called Thuh Luhhving Kaind

A few comments on GA's performance of The Loving Kind:

1) Nicola is rockin' that short hair. Never looked so good.
2) It is The Year Of The Sarah.
3) Cheryl didn't cock it up like she did on X Factor (though she had good reason then).
4) The dresses make them look like wind-up ballerinas crossed with Madonna '85 Wannabes.
5) Nadine looks very serious and workmanlike when she sings.
6) When Nicola and Kimba start their bit, one of their mics gets cranked and it's a bit... rough. Nicola saves it by wailing her part.
7) And those mics look like studded [whispers] vibrators. Just sayin'...
8) How does Cheryl get her hair so poofy? She must be hung upside down when they spray it.
9) Nadine's ooh ooh adlib at the end is absurd.
10) This song seems particularly vulnerable to flat notes, but they did a good job and get points for singing live in the Era Of Mime.

For a more comprehensive post on the Girls' Xmas party, see MuuMuse


Brad said...

Totally the Year of the Sarah. I wouldn't have seen it coming, if you asked me.

countpopula said...

Sarah is AMAZING. I can't help but feel that if America had a bit of Girls Aloud visiting it's shores, it might actually pull out of its recession! We need some feel good tunes over here, dammit!

Did you see their performance of "Something Kind of Ooooh" from this? W-O-W.

Myfizzypop said...

It was all very good indeed. I adore Nicola, and Cheryl's pipes sounded excellent this time round - who wouldn't be nervous singing in front of your work colleagues on a vocal talent show?! Anyway, loved the whole show, it was almost as good as the take that one last week. And imagine going for a night out with Sarah?!

DanProject76 said...

I loved their album but don't understand why they need five of them. Or at least give them a couple of them some synthesisers. Monetary reasons aside, I believe three would be enough.

The one with the long blonde hair annd the funny face looks like she is taking the whole thing far too seriously.

D'luv said...

You know Neil Tennant wants to be up their on stage with them, wearing a similar big dress.