December 25, 2008

XO and his dancers

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Zbyszek said...


I would like to go dancing with you this carnival!

Merry Christmas!


countpopula said...

This was the perfect laugh break from a serious Christmas movie marathon! Didn't know you had those moves! Goldfrapp better watch out--dancing people with dog and cat heads...

Merry Christmas.

xolondon said...

Nice Goldfrapp reference!

Hope ya'll had a great day yesterday. I was so tired that at one point I fell asleep sitting up! With that sweet dog on my lap, bless her.

Cook In / Dine Out said...

Did you go to the Zavvi on Oxford Street? I was there in October (thankfully I'd just learned it had replaced the Virgin Megastore--a surprise like that in person would have really pissed me off). It was such a pale imitation of how great Virgin Mega had been. Too bad it's in trouble, but it really wasn't that great.