September 11, 2008

A tramp with a virus

All the Google Reader subscribers will assume this post is about Poor Amy Winehouse (Paw?) or maybe skanky Lady Gaga, with her control top unitard. No, it's me. My computer has a virus, or the remnants of one, so posting may be a bit slow this week.

In the meantime, read dis ding here and dat ding dere. Keep calm and carry on, slags!

Update: Computer still being healed. We have candles and crystals, crosses and baby lambs- it's got serious issues. I may not be back online in time for the new Girls Aloud single. Which reminds me: I've decided that Close To Love is one of the greatest - if not gayest - GA songs ever.

1 comment:

Adem With An E said...

Don't you just love Cheryl's "dust" bit at the start of the song? Heavenly.