September 14, 2008

Liveblogging Girls Aloud

New single The Promise debuted tonight in the UK on the Nick and Annie show.

1) The PopJustice thread(zilla) is out of hand, trolls. A page added like every minute.

2) GA fans are surely sat in their houses across the UK twilight, crying with anticipation, clutching their GA calendars and refreshing six different forums at once. My own desk chair has a seat that is about to fall through. The cat pulls his nails on it and it needs to be re-caned. [killing time here. tap tap tap]

3) Radio 1 DJs Nick and Annie are making listeners suffer through songs by Xtuna (can I say I hate women who sort of pride themselves on being a "superbitch") and some group with School in the title.

4) Everything seems to sound like 1977 tonight. The new Snow Patrol song (something about taking back the night) is like Gerry Rafferty meets Pablo Cruise. But not as good as Rafferty's Baker Street (one of the greatest songs of all time) or even Love Will Find A Way by PC.

5) They just did a 5 second teaser that sounded very big and retro (boom boom boom and a countdown) and then Annie said they'd play it just after 8, so I walked away.

6) They also played the new Razorlight track Wire To Wire. Starts with piano and a vulnerable vocal from Johnny, which I prefer to his louder vocals. Kettle drums, campfire group vocals... but it never fully takes off. I agreed with DJ Annie that it's got a duff line: "She lives on dissolution road" but I do like the hook: Love me wherever you are.

7) Who the hell is Sam Beeton? He has nothing to say whatsoever, except he claims to have a tail. Now his song is playing... if you can call that. Note to Sam: Sing through your mouth, not your nose. My cats are rolling on the flaw with their paws covering their ears, which means it could be a huge hit on the UK charts.

8) Lame news about TV shows no one gives a toss about. That sounds Bridish, no? Give a toss.

9) Iglu & Hartley are AWFUL live. Like drunken fratboys doing karaoke to Fergie tunes. I hate how they sing "round heeeeerrr." Rednecks.

10) I love the PopJustice forum poster who typed: "How long is this dreadful show on for? Poirot is on at 9!"

11) "Nadine is on the line" but first payola requires the product placement of Kids by MGMT. Muchly bettah than Sam Beeton.

12) Nadine is ON. She was "gittin' nearvuss." I could seriously listen to her all day long. "When the alboom got poot toogaythurrrr...."

13) The song is ON. Teenagers' heads explode all over the world.

14) My first thoughts:

Horny horns.
Strange structure, of course.
oooh second part is brilliant.
Is this the chorus, or will there be 3 choruses? The promise I made started to break.
Yes, chorus.
And then we have Nadine crooning. Love herrrrr.
This song has a Burt Bacharach thing happening, very late 60's, but it doesn't sound like the current 60's trend (a la slag Duffy).
Who is it wailing "Here I am!"? [ed: Sarah]
On the webcast, the song doesn't sound too mixed. The vocals seem way up front.
Bridge is smooth... be with me in my arms.
And the wham bam, it's over with an echo. Huh?

I really like it on only one listen. We'll see how I feel in a few days, but it appears they've done it again.



Brad said...

Continuing to prove themselves as the best girl group of the millennium.

xolondon said...

I saw you on PJ Brad! I mean, on the forums...

Now I need a radio rip. It wallops Sugababes by a wide mile.

And glad my computer was back up for that wee bit of pop history.

Unknown said...

The Promise...fulfilled! I may never fully recover...

Adem With An E said...

This is their best single since "Biology." Nothing that I was expecting and yet it's completely hit all the right senses. This is beyond extraordinary.

XO... Check your email ;)

17days said...

So fabulous, right? I literally can't stop singing the chorus. And for once I'm actually excited to see what the remixes are like... I'm a big fan of radio edits and original versions, but even I can imagine these mixes are going kill!

Adem With An E said...

PS: The "Here I am" is Sarah!

Myfizzypop said...

You poor bastard. YOu had to sit thru so much crap! I mean! The new snow patrol single?? Still it was worth the wait and a mighty amusing read too :P

Cook In / Dine Out said...

I love it too. Wouldn't be nice if it could return them to #1? It's been 4 years now (Walk This Way doesn't count).

El MarvelOso said...

I only listened to the song once and I was singing it late. So catchy! Love it! (of course, I love that 60's vibe... as long as it's not Duffy related).

I can't wait to get a real recording of the single.