September 20, 2008

Good gravy Marie!


countpopula said...

I cannot even dignify this with a comment.

Adem With An E said...

Oh dear.

I told my mother (who was quite the fan back in the 80's, not as much as my aunty though) about this today when I saw her and she said "yes Adem that happened a long time ago."

"No Mum, I mean AGAIN."

"Oh... what a bloody idiot, couldn't he wait to get home for a piss?"


DanProject76 said...

He's such an embarrassment.

I might be more sympathetic if his music was any good, bring back Wham with their go-go/yo-yo rhyming skills!

Keep up to date on our adventures. said...

Fabulous - I love it when pop stars get real.