September 28, 2008

Did you want to be loved?

Keane Spiralling (live on Jonathan Ross)

Keane seem to be promoting this free song much more than the actual single, the equally Bowie-esque Lovers Are Losing. This clip reminds of how strong Tom is live - what a swoony voice! I particularly like how they handle the literally spiralling vocal at 3:30. Wicked. Note also that they are now a trio of 4, with Tommy on geetahrrrr and some new dude who looks like Tim.

Also check out the video for Spiralling. Two new interviews: one in
The Times and another on the website. Album out in three weeks!


Dan said...

This is a great live performance! I am really enamored of Keane right now. I never really gave their first album a fair shake and today I was listening to "Bend and Break" and just loving it. But I think my favorite Keane song is still "Leaving So Soon." The drama! said...

This song doesn't translate well live. I also doesn't hear the guitar.

I like that they've got the 4th guy live now, he also ups the cool-factor.

Is it just me or is Tim looking younger and younger every month? (and more and more like the kid from GoodBooks.)

The promo-vid for "Spiralling" is awful. Looks like one of those awful PSB vids from the mid-90s when "virtual reality" was all the rage.

DanProject76 said...

Hurrah! I hate Jonathan Ross so didn't watch this.

Bloody good stuff, and the new man seemed to be enjoying his "wooooo!"s and hitting that stick thing.

Michael said...

At first I thought Spiralling was just a throwaway, but it's really grown on me. The live performance was pretty good.