July 22, 2008

XOvision: Antigone!

Antigone More Man Than Man:

That Pucci-esque catsuit she's featuring probably cost more than the rest of the video, but here is Miss One's first ever clip for the killer More Man Than Man (iTunes UK/US). This is intended to be tongue-in-cheek fresh and it succeeds. A perfect song for summer nights.

And is Starlet really that tiny? A pocket Venus indeed.

More on Antigone later this week, but if you're wondering just who this pixie is, read my interview with her.


Michael said...

I can't really say I like the video, but the song is fantastic.

xolondon said...

From what I know, there was no budget. Like $400! The idea is to get her picked up by someone who can distribute her (with CD singles too) and then get a budget for a more polished video. So I think this is sort of a baby step, but in a Jimmy Choo.

Adem With An E said...

For a clip with such a low budget, I'm actually completely captivated by it, am on my second viewing and LOVE IT. We already know the song is fab but this clip is superb as well. It might be cheap, but it's different and, as you said, tongue-in-cheek fresh.

Gorgeous, let's watch it again.

Oh, and this is also available in Aussie iTunes now.

countpopula said...

Like the perfect synthesis of Roisin Murphy, Cathy Dennis, and Lady Miss Kier, with a great song to boot! Really reminds me of the Moloko/Roisin video of Sing it Back tho, just with more random stuff in it.