July 4, 2008

Who is Halo James?

*Note: I wrote this post on Halo James and just realized that Paul did a much better one at Fizzypop last month! I missed it only because he called them a "boyband," which connotes something I tend to dismiss quickly. Boybands need choreography, which Halo James did not have! So here they are again, resurrected all summer long on the blogosphere. Good choice Paul!

Halo James Could Have Told You So

I had never heard of Halo James until last week, via post at Jemboy and We Let The Stars Go.* According to the oh-so-reliable Wikipedia, Could Have Told You So went to number 6 in the UK in 1989. Halo James were Christian James, Ray St. John (who earlier co-wrote Sade's Smooth Operator) and Neil Palmer. They only released one album, Witness, on Epic in 1990.

his was sincere crooner music, inspired by earlier 80's groups like Spandau Ballet, though in on 1989 it seemed a reaction to all the hairband metal that pervaded MTV in the late 80's/early 90's. These prettyboy Brits had to step back when Kurt Cobain raged in a few years later to hasten a quick end to the Warrants and Poisons.

Halo James emerged at the same time as the similarly romantic Breathe, who had a massive worldwide hit with Hands To Heaven and How Can I Fall. I tend not to focus on late 80's music, so that may explain how I missed Halo James. They had virtually no presence in America at the time. I think it was both pure luck and balladry that lead Breathe - not Halo James - to worldwide success, but you can decide based on the MP3 below.

Halo James Could Have Told You So expired


Michael said...

Breathe were a guilty pleasure.

D'luv said...

And as I commented on Paul's, this song clearly rips off -- not "Hands To Heaven" or "How Can I Fall" -- but "Don't Tell Me Lies" by Breathe, their third hit off the first album.

It also owes a bit of something to Tears For Fears, no?

D'luv said...

And, not to be the fussy editor that I am, but should it be "Who ARE Halo James?"

xolondon said...

No, that's making an assumption that Halo James is a band. Which it is, of course. The asking of the question, though, implies that I don't know, so:

Q: "Who is Halo James?"

A: "WHAT is Halo James - a band, Steve!"

That's my answer to your corrective comment!

D'luv said...