July 20, 2008

Ring Ring. Beep Beep. Ahh hah!

The Feeling Join With Us:

Finally. The Feeling get it right in their new video. Posh British boys on bikes in boarding schools. Wink wink.

Just as the pupils band start ripping off their uniforms in the tall grasses, the video makes a pointless right turn into a carnival theme with some bad eye-makeup, clothes and rocker moves. There's surely another edit where Dan Gillespie Sells has a heartthrobbing naked romp with Mr. Richard Sophie Ellis Bextor - who disturbingly appears to be a dewy 17 year old in this clip.


DanProject76 said...

That's a great video! I thought the new single was the other song, the one with the horrible remixes.

Nice re-edit of the tune too.

Michael said...

Pretty good video. Didn't they just put another one out a few weeks ago?

I prefer the more introspective songs like Sewn and, my favorite, Strange. This is nice though.

xolondon said...

Yes, they just released a single for Turn It Up I think! This is the next one and much more on form. I agree with the Sewn/Strange comment Michael. It was Strange that got me into them.

Myfizzypop said...

the marketing disaster that is Turn It Up has given them their worst chart position to date. And by the time this hits the shops, people will have moved on. I weep. Really.