July 16, 2008

My take on Madonna vs. Christopher

I've been reading all the hoo-ha with Christopher Ciccone and The Lady Ritchie this week. I was going to ignore it, but I'd rawther roll in the mud with everyone else! Before my comments, a very rare video from the siblings' golden days:

First, I have not read the book, just an excerpt. Who really knows what knows what goes on in families except family members themselves? I would not be surprised if Christopher Ciccone is a broke-angry-buttslut-addict, but I tend to believe what he says. No one is surprised that Madonna might be called a narcissist. She has rarely allowed her vulnerable, sweet side (errr?!) to show and that is her albatross: she oftens seems completely devoid of spontanaeity or joy. At least in public.

It's sibling rivalry on a grand scale, but it's his side only. She probably has plenty of stories about Christopher too. This tale brings out all the nutsyfaganboobookitty freaks who won't tolerate anything bad being said about Their Goddess. I hate those kind of fans: the ones who think everything an artist does is brilliant and genuinely believe they know her better than anyone, including her own family. History is weighted with geniuses / superstars who were not known for being nice.

I've read some commentary that implies Christopher was always a fame/cash-grabbing hanger-on. He's her brother and, one would presume, he knows her as well as anyone on Earth. He worked with her years before she became famous. Her earliest clips have him dancing behind her (see above). For 15 years, on and off, he designed the stage shows that are now her trademark slash $120 million meal ticket.

Don't get me wrong, I think he's a haughty twat - perhaps too much like her - but she benefitted from his talents too. I wonder if she really told him that he needed to get used to "who and what [she] is" (meaning what? a superhuman goddess?). Oy. Who would not have snorted, "Right. Fuck you, you're my needy, pain in the ass sister. You cannot fool me with your diva shtick!" (he actually said something worse)

He told the GMA interviewer that Madonna tried to contact him before the book was released - probably to yell and threaten him in an English accent? - and he would not speak to her. Too many $$$ in his eyes? He claims they spoke through their father and apparently she was concerned he'd reveal personal stuff about her medical history, bla bla bla. He also says that the father had read the book and was unfazed by it.

Chris had talked for years about the grave scene in Truth Or Dare and how stomach churning that was for him to watch her exploit their dead mother. He clearly views his book as payback. Idiot. Always take the high road. If I could interview him, the one thing I would ask him is "Did you ever tell Guy Ritchie how you felt - that some of the stuff he said/did upset you? Or did you just assume the worst? Did you ever try to make up with Madonna or tell her you felt like you'd been pushed aside?" Probaby not.

Always. Take. The. High. Road.


D'luv said...

Yeah, yeah. Read the book.

xolondon said...

I will. You're just mad that I make you clean my bathroom(s) in the nude. And now everyone knows it.

Myfizzypop said...

re: the comments above - oh my!

And i'm so with you on the "everything they touch is gold" fans. It does my head in for want of a more linguistically pleasing sentiment...

babs said...

I think I'm just going to focus on the video and pay no attention to the whole book thing.

but you're probably on the money with that assessment.

Adem With An E said...

I read the book over the weekend and, whilst it did reveal some interesting things about Madonna, a lot of it was stuff we're already aware of. She was a bit of a bitch as a teen, a cunt as a pop star, she's stingy with her money; that kind of thing.

I was hoping for something juicy in relation to the relationship between Madonna and Debi Mazar. Even Nikki Harris. He mentions Harris briefly but it ends there.

The book is FILLED with incorrect facts too. Little things like calling the UK/Aus release of 'Truth Or Dare' 'Bedtime With Madonna,' when it was called 'In Bed With Madonna.' Then there's setlist confusion on tours he actually worked on with her and minor details he could have double checked simply by searching google.

The most interesting parts about the book were reading of his dealings with other celebrities, and the conversations/emails/faxes he and Madonna sent each other. And, of course, finally - an insight into that bloody wedding.

Anonymous said...

Taking the high road - that is easier said than done, don't you think? I just can speak for myself but loads of little things that irritate one add up to onw being rally frustrated and pissed off. If that adds up over years, one can imagine how one feels inside. So it's no surprise that someone acts that way to get his or her revenge. One can take a lot but there is only so much one can take and finally it's enough and one doesnt want to take the high road. So, I can totally understand what motivated him.

Adem With An E said...