July 12, 2008

Lost treasure from the "wrecka stow"

Click on image for a gif of Prince giving his most famous LOOK.

Shock-a-lock-a-boom! has one of my favorite Prince b-sides posted now. This is a lush instrumental called Alexa de Paris. It was used in his 1986 film Under The Cherry Moon, in a sequence where Christopher Tracy (Prince) dances with Mary Sharon (Kristin Scott Thomas). The song was actually the flip to his complex, stellar single Mountains.

More reading: My Prince's Birthday post with my favorite songs listed.

Yes, Kristin was overacting. More evidence here:


ADD said...

I was in training all last week and the instructor looked EXACTLY like Prince. I found him very unsettling.

DanProject76 said...

When I was in France the other day (yes I actually went on holiday!) I was channel-hopping and found a French-dubbed Purple Rain. The acting was still poor but oh man what great music. I really should buy the DVD.