July 10, 2008

...has always been

Just because I am in the mood for this. Makes my heart leap.

And can I just say I am of the school that thinks she is really beautiful?


D'luv said...

Wow, Tobey Maguire looks really butch here -- plus, who knew he could sing?

babs said...

This is a really great song and she sounds great live or whatever the way this is. Cyndi Lauper who I love, released a bunch of acoustic covers of her songs is not as good. "She Bop" in particular doesn't go well as an acoustic cover.

It's 1994 all over again. This is one of those songs I had on a mix with other stuff from this time period.

Phil said...

k.d. is amazing! I saw her a few months ago here in Perth and she blew me away! Such a gorgeous powerful voice!
And re babs commment: I adore Cyndi Lauper and I really liked her acoustic album, I thought the new version of She-Bop was quite creative and almost sultry. Diff'rent strokes for diff'rent folks i guess :)

Anonymous said...

RG here XO, reading your post and watching her video, reminds me of how I sometimes think she reminds me of Cherry Jones.

babs said...

Could see the Cherry Jones bit def.

And Phil, I don't know why I just can't with Cyndi's Acoustic album. Maybe it's a piecemeal thing, like I hear one of her songs sporadically and not the whole thing. And it'd be different if I heard the entire album.

Which sounds like to me a i-tunes disease. :).

Brad said...

Thanks Steve,
that was beautiful!