July 1, 2008

Goldfrapp: To be consumed by you again

The b-sides for the recent Goldfrapp singles have been disappointing. Unlike past projects, there have been no new songs, just alternate takes and remixes. This is odd because Will Gregory said they'd recorded more songs than they used. CD2 for Caravan Girl is pretty worthy, though, and it has the wispy, golden cover above.

The choral recording of Caravan Girl (minute long sample below!) is perfect because it pays homage to the New Seekers style that influenced Alison and Will when they recorded Seventh Tree. Monster Love - a masterpiece in the Goldfrapp canon - is entirely new recording as well and equally pretty.

Mute have been releasing the various mixes on iTunes US and UK, which is lovely, no?


Daft Monk said...

You are spot on about the disappointing singles this time around with no real b-sides and not even a fantastic remix to sink our teeth into. I almost wonder if they are not releasing these other tracks as part of some plan for a quick turn around on another new album. That would be nice.
Cheers to Mute/EMI for recognizing the foolishness of holding on to singles too long after they've been out every where else in the world. That's a big more in the right direction after the mess they made of Supernature.

Joseph said...

I almost feel as if I've complained about this too much, but...I totally agree. I'm with Daft Monk in hoping there's another album's worth of material that will come out soon. Like, for Christmas. :)