July 13, 2008

Cover Story: V. whatever and ever amen

Carla Bruni Comme si de rien n'etait:

Mrs. Sarkozy, très passionné and crazy in love with her tiny, bitched out Frenchman. I suspect this was her last walk in heels before she tossed out all her Manolos. Note that this is the album with a song lyric that translates as "You are my junk. More deadly than Afghan heroin. More dangerous than Colombian white." Crazy Frenchy Frenchy people.

The Verve Forth:

A painting or a photo? It's a view I only rarely see. But - think about it - if you have seen a view such as this, you are quite lucky.

Conor Oberst Conor Oberst:

I need to get you out of your cave, man. I want to let you out of your cage and set you free. Yes, tonight's the night...

The Jonas Brothers A Little Bit Longer:

Afew days ago, I mentioned that I'd never heard a Jonas Brothers song. I don't tend to follow pre-pubescent artists, right, as I have others that do that for me. So I finally heard a song, on.... guess what?... NPR! This image is their version of Times Square, because they apparently Rule The World. They should enjoy it, because in a few years they'll sweep the streets they used to own. Last question: what's a little bit longer now?

Martha Wainwright Bleeding All Over You:

This is just a single cover - I'd already featured her album awhile back - but it's another glorious photo. No comment on the song's title.


Anonymous said...

"Last question: what's a little bit longer now?" Their 15 minutes of fame has been extended to 16 minutes.

Yuяi said...

Sacre bleu! Them's some damn powerful lyrics, Carla. I need to hear this song now (hint hint)

Love the Verve's cover!

Martha's rug. Red on purpose?! Eww...

xolondon said...

Loved both these comments! Martha, btw, has a new video on Youtube called You Cheated Me. She is literally swallowed by a couch in it.