July 2, 2008

1995, Paris: In bed with Ruby Wax and Madonna

"A couple of glasses of wine always makes you look good too"

Since I've been going a bit medieval on Hard Mandy lately, I thought I'd do this mega-post 1995 interview for British television with Ruby Wax. Pretty funny stuff.

Part 1:

Madonna being particularly Streisand-like (read: neurotic/bossy) about camera angles. And note that she was talking about being a "creamy smooth pop icon goddess" back in the 90's.

Part 2:

Part 3:

Madonna talks about making crying calls ("but I love you!") to men in the middle of the night. Ruby is really funny about husbands aging - "eventually they just have two legs." Later Madonna says "I'm not getting out the bed until he makes me cum."

Part 4:

In which Ruby rips Madonna's panties out of her purse and puts them on her head, and later fishes out some Tampax. Joy.

Part 5:

It should be noted that Ruby has said she had a hard time with this interview because Madonna wouldn't "drop the act." Ruby, unlike Hard Mandy, moved to England and never attained an English accent. She wisely figured out that an American accent makes her more unique in Britain.

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Adem With An E said...

I really miss Ruby Wax. Do you recall her Spice Girls interview? That was bonza; at least the Geri and Mel B bits were anyway.

I remember seeing this on TV as a young boy and not picking up on the discomfort Madonna was putting forward. Now that I'm not that little boy, it's a little bit tainting!