June 15, 2008

XOvision, Take 2: Samantha Mumba

Mumba, lookin' too old and too blingy at 25

In July 2000, I briefly rented a "wee" flat in London (on Aylesford St in Pimlico) and hung out by myself, which I'd never done before or since. Took me a few days to get used to being alone and then I loved it. On that trip, I discovered loads of new music: Coldplay's Yellow, Ronan's Life Is A Rollercoaster and Samantha Mumba's Gotta Tell You (watch the video), which I became obsessed with. Samantha released another great single, Always Come Back To Your Love, and one decent album before disappearing into oblivion.

This summer she is back with a pointless Mickey Modelle remake of Gotta Tell You. It begins quite promisingly and then devolves into a silly Eurotrash thing. As for La Mumba herself, it's weird to see her as a woman, when she was a slip of a girl before, but she looks fine. She reminds me a bit of Sugababe Amelle.

Samantha Mumba Gotta Tell
You (v2008, with Modelle):

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Anonymous said...

you and i were doing the exact same thing @ the exact same time...spooky! i was just off the goodge st station in bloomsbury.

luv la mumba !