June 13, 2008

XOvision: Summer grooves

The Teenagers Make It Happen:

Cheap video, great song. French kids worshipping New Order.

Mystery Jets Two Doors Down:

MJ's hilariously spot-on 80's pastiche. Every trick is used and the result is a video and song that appear to be vintage but are quite contemporary.

Sarah Nixey Le temps de l'amour:

La Nixey's press release says the "hills are alive" though it's actually like she's saying, "Je refuse to lip sync. Just look at the birds, bitches."

Annie I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me:

I used to passionately hate this song because it sounds like Stacey Q's Two Of Hearts. I've softened my opinion as its wormed its way into my porous brain. I appreciate the stylized look of the clip when so few videos have any style these days.

Final Note: The Madonna video for Give It To Me is a depressing low point. It's like she's just given up. Everything about her is either mundane or rehashed. This song was worthy of an epic and she has failed miserably. I'm moving on until the next single, which I trust will be Miles Away. Likewise, the video for Goldfrapp's Caravan Girl is just some American chick (not Mariah, haha) skateboarding to nowhere. Nada to do with the song or band. Big disappointment after the genius of Happiness.

Coming Soon: New videos from Roisin Murphy, Sam Sparro and, finally, Antigone...


Salvador Ali said...

The Sarah Nixey is gorgeous. I love every second of it. The Mystery Jets video drives me crazy (really, how many times can you see it??), but the song is so sweet and wonderful.

Adem With An E said...

Oh I love The Teenagers clip. Saw them live on Friday here in Melbourne and was incredibly impressed with their live performance.

The poor security guards though; during one of the last tracks (Homecoming,) members of the crowd were asked to join them on stage. Security guards were being knocked down left right and center as a barricade of young girls tried to bulldoze through; it was insane!