June 25, 2008

What R'n'B in 2008 should be. Period.

Ne-Yo Closer at the BET Awards. Love it.

The show had two other major moments...

1) The reunion, for like a minute, of the great girl group En Vogue. They provided my soundtrack for the early 90's.

2) and then there was THIS:

photo Getty

Oh my. The beautiful mystery that is Maxwell emerged from 8 years of hiding to sing Simply Beautiful for Al Green. Sounded gorgeous as ever. I firmly believe that when this man returns to music, he will sell huge amounts of records.


small squirrel said...

I am in DIRE need of a luxury cocoa cure.

gah! that man ooooozes sex.

babs said...

I am with you on the En Vogue thing. And the "never gonna get it" is going to come through my mind for abit now.

Okay, why am I not remembering Maxwell? Did he have any big hits? Right now am drawing a total blank.

xolondon said...

Maxwell - not sure he had any big hits in the Billboard sense. You might be interested in his cover of This Woman's Work by Kate Bush, which is equal to Kate's version! His song "Lifetime" is one that I cannot live without. Makes me get all teary.

countpopula said...

My biggest memory of Maxwell is the hit from his first album now 12years old, "Ascension". Liquid soul, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Oh you white children.

Maxwell was the Male Sade (and if you say "who's Sade"...) It's not about hits at all, it's about pure mellow soul cds. classics even before they are released. Maxwell is one of the best concerts I have ever seen too.

don't forget the dance break with Ciara and Chris Brown, that was sick too. I'll post on it later this week.

xolondon said...

Maxwell was the Male Sade if Sade had given the impression she was about to give you a good fucking! Which she never really did, did she? Sensual, but not about Sexy Time. IMO.