June 3, 2008

Take 3: Pipettes

The 2 new Pipettes unveiled!

And the parting gift for Becki and Rosay?

No news on the next album, but it should be this year. I keep thinking about 2006, The Summer Of Lily And The Pips. So far, I don't have much confidence this summer will come anywhere close to that magique.

Read what I said about The Pipettes. Their debut record remains a 5-star soul lifter.


Adem With An E said...

Is that t-shirt real?! GOLD; I want one. They need Sugababes ones too, which, I guess, would be similar to the PJ ones with all their names scratched off.

countpopula said...

Hope they sing better than they look (sorry). Looks like they broke into mom's closet and grabbed her moth-eaten wigs. Are you sure a couple of fans didn't just ask to have their picture taken with the remaining Pip?