June 28, 2008

Róisín: Headstrong and livin' dangerously

Róisín Murphy's making movies, this one for Movie Star. Her boyfriend directed this homage to John Waters. The lobster vignette is pure early 70's Waters, with a bit of kooky violence and gore, but no shit-eating (NSFW) or singing assholes, thank God. Methinks John will pay her a compliment if he sees this: Róisín is the filthiest woman in the world.

I just noticed that Róisín has a big gap in her touring schedule this fall. I certainly hope she will fill it with an American tour. Check out this recently released live video for the slammin' Cry Baby, one of my faves from Overpowered.


countpopula said...

After months of waiting for another single...I just don't know what to say about this. I love the song, and she looks good, but isn't it funny how you can develop a definite idea of how a video should look, and when one is made it looks completely different? Yes, it is humorous and she most certainly does not bore us, but is a video with a bunch of scary people in drag while being eaten by a fictional lobster equate with the concept of "taking things to the next level"?

That's some weird sheez, fo sho Ro.

Adem With An E said...

All it's missing is Mink Stole! Surely she would have loved to be apart of this.

Great video, I'm a big John Waters fan so I simply love it. I wonder if this will alienate people further though? Does Roisin know something we don't about her label, and this clip is a nice big 'fuck you', possible parting gift?