June 30, 2008

2008: Q2 Tops

In no order, my Top Songs for the 2nd quarter of 2008. A few rules: Not necessarily singles, with only one song by each artist and it must be officially released (or officially played). The colored link will take you to a place you can hear/see the song.

Viva La Vida fanmade video
My God. The best Coldplay song since Yellow. The timpani alone sends me skyhigh.
Antigone More Man Than Man myspace
Buyable on July 14, this is a major disco track that makes me swing my disco balls.
Donna Summer Stamp Your Feet bad video
What a monumental summer anthem! I hope we hear it during Olympic coverage.
Sam Sparro 21st Century Life myspace
Killer chorus and a worthy disco followup to Black And Gold.
Sneaky Sound System Kansas City myspace
A gem from Adem (that does not rhyme, right?). I was born in Kansas City, but keep it on the DL.
Mariah Carey I'll Be Lovin U Long Time non-video
If it makes me feel good, please do not judge me!
Jennifer Hudson Spotlight crappy video
Ne-Yo written, standard Stargate track, but J-Hud elevates it, as she does most everything she touches.
Ne-Yo Closer video
Oh, just run with it boyfriend. Let it out.
Rihanna Disturbia non-video
3rd Stargate in a row. Ri-ri is in her imperial phase.
Madonna Miles Away non-video
Best song on Stale Candy. Video better be good b/c this single is really going to be the end of that record.
Alanis Morissette It's A Bitch To Grow Up non-video
Inelegant title for one of AM's finest songs and one my peers seem to be feeling...
Cyndi Lauper Into The Nightlife video
What a massive chorus! Solid, au courant return and much needed career boost.
Neon Neon I Told Her On Alderaan myspace
NeonX2 entered the Tardis and came out in 1985. In the land of Princess Leia, no less!
Captain Keep An Open Mind video
After a sterling debut comes another jaunty Britpop single.
Delays Girl's On Fire hmmm
Could this song be any bigger? I'd love to hear this live, with those massive drums barrelling.
Aimee Mann Thirty One Today video
Following Alanis' lead, Aimee tackles the hard edges of aging with a polished sweetness
She & Him I Thought I Saw Your Face Today non-video
Pasty Cline is tapping her toe in her grave in Winchester VA.
The Verve Love Is Noise myspace
The loop is relentless, but their first song in 11 years is passionate dancerock.
Wild Beasts The Devil's Crayon video
Vocalist on the verses reminds me Big Country's Stuart Admason (RIP). video
Teddy Thompson Where To Go From Here
Beautiful ballad by Richard Thompson's angelic son. Prod. by Marius DeVries. myspace

What are your favorites?

Worthy albums this quarter: Sam Sparro, Coldplay, Alanis Morissette, Donna Summer, Cyndi Lauper, She & Him

Anticipating: Antigone, Grace Jones, Jennifer Hudson, Ne-Yo, Annie, Lily Allen, Deepest Blue, Will Young

Disappointment: Madonna's "Stale" Candy doesn't hold up over time. Maybe it will sound better in 5 years, but I would venture to say she did not invest herself in this music the way she always has.


Adem With An E said...

Indeed, it does not rhyme ;)

So pleased you like it though. I really think they should forget about launching with 'Pictures' in the UK and just release 'Kansas City' instead over there as well.

Top choices. Completely agree on Viva La Vida - best Coldplay song in a LONG time.

DanProject76 said...

For albums list I would add Sam Sparro and Alphabeat. Or have they not been relesased where you are yet?

Salvador Ali said...

I am eagerly anticipating the new Annie album. I'm surprised this was missing from your list!! I don't know if "I Know UR Girlfriend Hates Me" counts as a 2nd quarter release, but it's definitely on my list.

Also, I got Ciara's Evolution album just recently and I'm enjoying it more than I imagined. I'm looking forward to hearing what her new double album is all about.

Salvador Ali said...

Oh nevermind. I just realized it was squeezed in there .. between Ne-Yo and Lily Allen. I'm blind today, sorry.

D'luv said...

That's nice, luv, but between you and me, no one will ever take a tally missing Heidi Montag seriously.

Dan said...

As much as it pains me to admit it, you are spot on in your assessment about Hard Candy. I'm hoping in six months or so it sounds a little bit better. I pretty much can't stomach "4 Minutes" any more. It sounds like a novelty record! Although I do like that Oakenfeld remix of "Give It 2 Me" quite a bit.

Oddly, I have been listening to American Life more than Hard Candy and that's really saying something. I am totally regrooving on "Mother & Father."

duanemoody.com said...

The timing here is perfect; I am screaming for some new hits. Thanks!!

I have to say, I have been consistently disappointed by Madonna; I hate 4 minutes, and the new single is AWFUL. Oh well.