January 3, 2008

XOvision: Honey I will stitch you

Lykke Li Little Bit:

The first video for Lykke Li, the girl in the photo I posted last night. And that's the world-famous Kleerup pounding on the piano. And me dancing shirtless, in my underpants. Right? The Swedish Li's first album, cleverly titled Youth Novels, is due out January 30. Expect more from her and be sure to check out the lyrics to this song.

Sia Day Too Soon:

Sia's an odd sock, isn't she? This song is much more mainstream than I expected, like a 70's soul tune concocted for AM radio (think Carole King or Roberta Flack). I love it. As for the video, there is a visual payoff at the end.

One Night Only Just For Tonight:

Somebody was weaned on Bono Vox! This new group from Helmsley, UK (watch this!), was surely signed in the wake of The Kooks. Started a Fire, their debut album hits February 4. Their previous single, You And Me, isn't bad either, if not musically distinctive. And how old are they, with the babyfresh skin and emo hair?


Myfizzypop said...

i seriously thought that said honey i will fuck you up (runs out to buy sight training for nintendo ds)... anyway i post same difference and BeFour, you go and post two rather ace songs that show me up for the trashy pop whore i am. Well done you!

xolondon said...

Paul, you just must stop (Ghosts!) with the "I am trashy, you are not" and go with the flow! We can't all post on the same thing or it's be kind of dull, wouldn't it?

Besides, when it come to trashy, I am pretty much a skank.

Phil said...

Beeee-zarre. I was looking at this Lykke Li thang just this eve then flicked over to your channel and who do I see...

You do indeed have your finger on the bean... or something.


DanProject76 said...


My favourite lady is back! The album is just gorgeousness (it leaked months ago) and that song and video makes me melt.

Paul is a trashy pop whore indeed! :-)

Anonymous said...

February 4? Is that in the UK or also in America? *tries to not get hopes up ludicrously high*

marjory said...

me likey!!! I check.

Myfizzypop said...

i have decided i am proud to be a trashy pop whore. I always say it with my tongue in cheek. Whose cheek i will never tell :P

You are classy XO. Though i did read about you being a skank on the bathroom walls in NYC :P

Anonymous said...

Sia, isnt that instrumental straight off a Macy Gray CD, just saying, suspiciously familiar. Love the track though. But what I really love is the name of her new CD. it has had me thinking for weeks.
I likey Lykke Li track a lotte.