January 16, 2008

We're a long way from home

John, late of Lost In The 80's, and now of PopDose, has a loving post on Frankie Goes To Hollywood. Be sure to read it. Their big Christmas ornament of a ballad The Power Of Love (video) remains one of my Top 20 favorite songs of all time and the Welcome To The Pleasuredome double album should be in any pop fan's collection. The 13-minute+ title track (video) - where sex and horror are the newwww Gods! - is a true masterpiece of its time. Collaborators on the project included Trevor Horn, Stephen Lipson, Paul Morley and Anton Corbijn.

It is hard to believe today, but this band was a worldwide sensation during the period of their first CD in 1984. Massive. Aptly, their success was like an orgasm that dissipated quickly after a major buildup. Today Frankie Say No More.

Note that John has a few songs posted at PopDose. If anyone can name the connection between Sarah Nixey and FGTH, I won't give you a gift or a kiss, but I will be impressed!


El MarvelOso said...

Trevor Horn has produced so many of the all-time classic pop songs out there. Incredible. I know a lot of people have a hard time working with him, but he truly delivers quality productions.

I like Stephen Lipson too.

countpopula said...

As I was sifting through my fave spoken pop bits, "Are we living in a land where sex & horror are the new gods" from WTTP was so close to making the list. Good show for giving FGTH some face time here!

DanProject76 said...

Small (virtual) world: I read that Popdode post too... and the Jolly Johnson one. I have been playing Franki'e version of Born To Run quite a lot recently.

Sarah Nixey/FGTH? Didn't Paul Morley write some waffle on her CD insert thing? Like he did for FGTH and pretty much all of his ZTT artists?

xolondon said...

Yes, Paul Morley, who created the Frankie Say ad campaign co-runs Sarah's label and did the writing for her album PR.

I wish Trevor would whip up - for me- an OTT masterpiece with 200 musicians!

countpopula said...

Didn't the last Pet Shop Boys record have like, 125 or something?

John said...

Yay! I'm glad you guys are reading the Popdose stuff. I was getting worried that none of my regular commenters made the leap over with me!

Thanks so much and swing by the Popdose comments section some time - I could use the company amid all the Phil Collins fans!

Phil said...

I saw Holly Johnson just the other day. He was on Kings Road (not a 'long way from home') coming towards me dressed all in black - flowing black overcoat, skinny black trews, big black riding boots and, even on a dark dank day, a pair of Ray Bans. You can take the pop star out of the boy.

He was surprisingly tall.

xolondon said...

What are trews, British person? Pants? No wait, pants are underwear.

I've never heard him called Jolly Johnson. I suspect he had a jolly johnson back in the day (when you wanna cum).