January 8, 2008

XOvision: It may be pills at work.

Goldfrapp A&E:

Click on image to watch the video. I can't embed it.

Leave people. Tree people. A fabulous fox at 2:37ish. Alison looking like Madonna. And a nice cameo from the mysterious Will Gregory, the Greatest Musician You Don't Know. One of the Top 5 Goldfrapp songs ever. Seems like a fall song though, and not just because of the campout.

Sugababes Denial:

I only have two photos in my hands. I. will. only. call. two. names. [pause] Congratulations Heidi and Keisha, you are still in the running towards becoming Britain's Next Top Model. [whispers] Thank you girls.

Amelle, return to the loft, pack your belongings and leave.

Janet Jackson Feedback:

Okay. Here is the deal. A passable video for a sub-Britney song. The outfit is far from flattering, but at least it's a concept other than "look how my top disappears!" I find green screen videos to be kind of lame, you know? I do like how she goes flying down from stars and she looks decent when she's playing cum hacky sack at the end.

It's going to be an uberbusy week for me, so I can't promise much blogwise. Unless, of course, that damned Madonna song leaks...


Michael said...

Like the Fallen Leaf people, I too bow before Alison Goldfrapp.

V said...

Actually I do know Will Gregory to be a great musician. This is a fantastic video. Thanks for posting it.

El MarvelOso said...

Yes, Will Gregory is a great musician. That's why I love Goldfrapp so much. You can tell that Alison has a similar understanding of music.

I can't wait for this album!

About the Janet... It looks so... cheap. Now, I do my fair share of green screen (see my holiday video), but I don't care if it looks cheap. She should have worn that last outfit throughout the entire video. ALso, her face reminds me of Gary Coleman in the video. UGH!

Adem With An E said...

Goldfrapp video is really cute, am loving it. And I'm REALLY loving that Sugababes one - M-I-G-H-T-Y-F-I-E-R-C-E. Though I do think you may have gone all Marisa Tomei on our arses and read out the wrong names in that envelope, because I'm pretty sure Amelle's IS still in the running... ;)

xolondon said...

That Gary Coleman comment is pretty brilliant!

Actually I like Amelle a lot and would not kick out any of them, though I think Keisha looks best in this video.

xolondon said...

That Gary Coleman comment is pretty brilliant!

Actually I like Amelle a lot and would not kick out any of them, though I think Keisha looks best in this video.

DanProject76 said...

Bloody marvellous fantastic Goldfrapp song now has the video it deserves.

I can't even listen to that Janet creature anymore. Meh, and to think I loved those good 90s albums so very much.

Yuяi said...

Alison does look like Madonna! Right on the money, as usual Xo.

Love your ANTM reference with the Sugababes! I can so see Tyra saying that. It's very sad that Amelle's BF got hacked up by the machete guy on Christmas eve. Sucks to be him right now. I read somewhere that it'll be 2 years minimum for him to recover. yikes

Anonymous said...


I never realized what bug-eyes Amelle has.

And I couldn't be more underwhelmed by the Janet video.

duanemoody.com said...

I just want to know who convinced Amelle that posing like you want to get fucked in the ass would make her seem as posh as her bandmates just laying about?

At least she can sing.

D'luv said...

What the F? What a boring Sugababes track to release as a single...where's "Surprise"?

countpopula said...

I love how Goldfrapp can show what a few tree people and some leaves can do. I might have preferred hand-held digital shots of her from the glorious photoshoots, but I guess somtimes simple can be TOO simple (see Gwen Stefani-4 in the Morning). The song is so great, I'm worried the video will be too distracting for those who see it for the first time instead of just hearing it.

Sugababes concept is cute, straight off their Top Model head shots for Change. But if this is the new era of Janet, I'm not totally convinced. Why does there have to be so much CGI in videos now, leaving the artist looking rather...hollow? That being said, thanks J for keeping the clothes on, even if they are leftover Rhythm Nation jumpsuits.

Oh, and Tyra called & she wants her weave back.

Anonymous said...

Second the Surprise love along with Never Gonna Dance Again. The Janet video makes no sense whatsoever. I was reading comments on some other board and someone said

"The only think that makes sense in the new Janet video is that she's going to have to travel to another galaxy to have a hit record again". LOL!

duanemoody.com said...

@D'Luv: RIGHT?!?!?!?!