January 6, 2008

Up in 08: Sam Sparro

Nice tee shirt! Aussie-born Los Angeleno Sam Sparro is, simply put, the man to fill the gap left by missing-in-action soulsters Lewis Taylor and Maxwell. We already know skanky penis-pierced, guitar-slinging Lenny Kravitz can't do it. He can't handle the disco.

Black And Gold is Sam's signature tune and it's gorgeous, pulsating and totally hot. Cottonmouth, streaming on his myspace, is also class. Nick Huggett, head of A&R at Columbia Records, recently told The Guardian that he'd tried to sign him but lost. Columbia?! Things must be good for Sam! He's currently finishing his album and is set to make a new video for Black And Gold.

Which brings me to a problem, and I say this with love: Sam is sartorially challenged. I think he must go to Ari Gold's stylist (see what I mean) because the clothes are shameful! Sam need never do another video like the recent one for Cottonmouth - he looks 13 and silly. It's just beneath his music. Instead, watch Black And Gold below, despite the shimmer, gold chains and hoodies. Next video, Sam needs to just put on that Grace Jones tee and sing sing sing. He can do that quite well.

To actually buy Sam's songs may prove quite difficult. His website says Black And Gold is available at iTunes and emusic, but it's not. Bagpak has the songs, but requires Paypal and I was not able to download what I paid for (I have sent them a letter!). You could try other blogs until Sam gets solid distribution, though I am not necessarily advising that!


The Richard said...

Oh my. You're quite right - sack (Kylie's!!) stylist and sort that look out. It looks like he has tried to ape the look of our beloved Antipodean disco queen (check the gold hotpants and 'Can't get you out of my head' hood!).

But. The track is total dynamite. Absolutely brilliant.

Phil said...

No! No! No! The hoodie, the chains, the everything... it works! Sexy as. Metallic is still on trend and cute bodies are NEVER out.

Brill song too. ta.


DanProject76 said...

Damnit. I was going to have him as my Music 2008 artist for tomorrow's blog! We have the same bloody taste!

I'll do it anyway and give you a link. I think nearly all my picks have been mentioned by you, except Lightspeed Champion, Eisley and The Duloks.

Oh yeah, great song but crap video. Like you said.

Anonymous said...

Dear Xolondon,

What a song. What a pulse. It's been on rotation here since yesterday.

Is he cute, is he not? I can't decide...

Greetings from (windy) Dublin,

xolondon said...

Hellow Dublin!

DP76, post it! And I don't know anything about your other bands...

Adem With An E said...

What a MARVELOUS song xo, and a brill find. I'd heard this song the other day on Aussie alternative radio station Triple J and had been wondering what it was/who it was/etc. Bloody corker. (The first 2 seconds of his vocal parts remind me of Terrence Trent D'arby's "Sign Your Name")

Anonymous said...

Blimey, he is a bit gorgeous, isn't he!?!