January 12, 2008

She Of The Dolly Parton Dimples

The ubiquitous Duffy appeared recently on Jools Holland to sing mores songs from her Rockferry CD (out March 3), this one a lovely Van Morrison-ish number called Warwick Avenue. You know how Van always sings songs about places he used to hang out? He is the master of that genre, along with Richard Hawley. These guys - and now the prettier Duffy - know how we like to get all misty about the "golden days" when we, you know, ran wild in the streets or kissed in doorways. Things I never did. Anywhere.

There's clearly some big, big money behind Duffy, 23, who gets major press this week in the Times Online. That paper is also hosting a free song, which I could not download, perhaps because I have an American IP. The track is called Breaking My Own Heart and if any of you want to send it my way, by all means do!

A few facts about Duffy that I have gleaned from the Times and other sources: 1) Welsh is her first language, 2) Sia's producer (and Mr. Sarah Nixey), Jimmy Hogarth, produced some of her songs, 3) the album has been in development for three years, so she is not really post-Winehouse, and 4) Duffy has a twin sister: I wonder if they pull the switch?

Finally, here is a link to another Duffy song on Jools, this one being her new single, Mercy. You can also catch her on Jools' NYE Hootenanny here.


DanProject76 said...

It took me 2 attempts to download the Times free song... and it turned out to be in WMV format, which my player didn't like, even thogh it should. So I won't be emailing it to you as deleted it. Sorry!

D'luv said...

I'd like it if you'd start posting clips from Hannah Montana when Dolly Parton was on, then we can all have a round table on how it was it was the best moments in television history. Actually, make that history in general.

When do you think you'll post the first one?

duanemoody.com said...

I have my eye on this girl; I am hoping for big things!!!

Myfizzypop said...

I'm quite intruiged by Duffy - you mentioned her ages ago and I loved the song you referenced, then she popped up on all these ten best acts in 08 lists which are all exactly the same. Talking of which, you selected quite a few of them before the media got their hands on them. Well done you!