January 25, 2008

A rare photo indeed

Beardy Will Gregory actually appearing in a publicity photo with Alison Goldfrapp! One month until the album is released. Check out the Guardian piece today. And can I just say that I think A&E is one of those very rare songs that is never going to wear out for me?

photo by Serge Leblon from Goldfrapp.fr


DanProject76 said...

You're not weird. I still love A&E.

Adem With An E said...

Cannot get enough of A&E. I put my iTunes on random the day Heath passed and it was the first song to come on and I just fell in love with it even more.

Anonymous said...

I've become hooked to the Gui Boratto Mix the past few days... But 2008 could be an amazing year in music with singles like A&E and Wow starting it off with a bang!