January 11, 2008

Modern talking

Scavullo, 1984

Popjustice Forums recently had a thread on favorite spoken bits in songs. Note that it's more about how they're said than the actual lyrics. Here are my 3 from least famous to most famous. Click on the song title to hear/see them:

Dubstar at 3:33, the last minute of Week In, Week Out:

Here am I, dressed in my bravest face
Same time, same place, week in, week out
I can't give you any more somehow
The goal to mention, you know my susceptable mind
And unwind, unlock my defences
And I'll be here, dressed in a brave face
Your choice, same time, same place...
Next week.

sorry I cannot find an online sample!

Madonna at 2:14 on Stay:

Don't be afraid, it's gonna be alright, cuz I know that I can make you love me...

Hear a decent remix of the demo

ABC at 2:38 on The Look Of Love:

And all my friends just might ask me,
They say "Martin, maybe one day you'll find true love?
And I say "Maybe... there must be a solution to
The one thing, the one thing we can't find"

This post kinda doesn't work if you can't hear them all, but whatevah. What do you think? There are a zillion. I didn't even touch Kate Bush.


Anonymous said...

the last one (ABC) helped me through some hard times and sometimes is still important to me. Just what i sometimes say to myself.



Phil said...

The Human League LOVED their spoken bits.

The worst: Phil Oakey on Louise
It's not always true that time heals all wounds
There are wounds that you don't wanna heal
the memories of something really good
something truly real, that you never found again


The best: Phil Oakey on Love Action
I believe, I believe what the old man said
Though I know that there's no lord above
I believe in me, I believe in you
And you know I believe in love
I believe in truth though I lie a lot
I feel the pain from the push and shove
No matter what you put me through
I'll still believe in love
And I say

Although maybe the Love Action one may technically be a rap...

Daft Monk said...

Love that Dubstar song! One of my favorites from them, but it's not that there is a bad song on their first album. Interestingly I was really taken with "The Look Of Love" at the same couple of years I had "Disgraceful" stuck on repeat in my discman. Perhaps that was the connection.

Adem With An E said...

"lo-lo-lo-love me, love me..."

Yes xo, that is a killer talky-bit. And probably my favourite non-single from the Like A Virgin album too I think.

I am also a fan of the very short but sweet "El dijo que te ama" from La Isla Bonita.

countpopula said...

Hi XO--been trying to think of my fave spoken bits in pop records. Here are the top 5 in no particular order:

"It was all so cosy for you. You had a wife, two children, and a beautiful house. And me, well you wanted me when it suited your needs. And now, now I have nothing. Nothing but a cold, empty heart. But I'm not easily forgotten. I'll appear when you least expect it to make you pay. You asked for it that way."
--MARC ALMOND "A Lover Spurned"

"I put this moment here..."
--KATE BUSH "Jig of Life"

Martin: "I thought you loved me but it seems you don't care."
Girl: "I care enough to know that I can never love you."
--ABC "Poison Arrow"

"I was dreaming like a Texan girl, a girl who thinks she's got the right to everything. A girl who thinks she should have something extreme."
--EURYTHMICS "Beethoven (I Love to Listen to)"

"Tin Roof Rusted."
B-52's "Love Shack"

(Bonus track):
"Don't be a fool."

xolondon said...

Lots of bits I'd forgotten about in these comments. Dan US will agree with the Eurythmics one.

For Kate Bush I always liked "Looks whose here to see you!" but I am not sure who actually says it.

As for Madonna, little did we know that she'd hit a phase where all she did was TALK on her songs!

countpopula said...

I'd choose "Left to My Own Devices" by Pet Shop Boys, but that seemed to almost qualify more as a posh rap.

There was a phase where Madonna did talk all the time. At the time it was considered "edg-y". Now it all seems a bit "I'm much too busy to search for a melody", no? Still, some were pretty great.

I forgot that Kate Bush one! How about "GUILTY! GUILTY! GUILTY!"