January 14, 2008

Bad lyrics #1

No offense to anyone who likes this lyric, but I do not:

How I've spun my wheels with carts before my horse. And shine on the outside springs from gloom. Spotlight on these seeds of simpler reasons. And score bourne into corn, stretching my limit.

- Alanis Morrissette, Underneath, 2008

That gives me diarrhea chills, it's so terrible. It is fun to recite aloud in the slow, precise voice of a lonely poet doing a public reading.

It's just... talking above the audience, isn't it? I actually like many Alanis songs, but this is the woman who once sang about giving head in a theater.


countpopula said...

OH...my...GOD. That is absolutely D-R-E-A-D-F-U-L. I'm sure it is clouded in some sort of heart-on-sleeve delivery so for as to be shrouded in such mythic corn to not provoke such thoughtless tendencies.

Now in simpler terms...

xolondon said...

In simpler terms, the corn is cock and the "stretching" is vajayjay, as they say. Err, right?

honk honk

countpopula said...

Stretching by use of "corn". How DID I miss that metaphor?

Adem With An E said...

Oh God.

The Richard said...

Alanis being 'stretched'?

In xo parlance: "dry heave"

D'luv said...

Talking above the audience? As opposed to this:

How bout no longer being masochistic
How bout remembering your divinity
How bout unabashedly bawling your eyes out
How bout not equating death with stopping

Thank you India
Thank you providence
Thank you disillusionment
Thank you nothingness
Thank you clarity
Thank you thank you silence

I think only Ashley Judd likes hearing herself say big words more.

Heidi Cullinan said...

Scorn into corn?!

Please wash my eyes.

lucas said...


I had high hopes for this new album, but when I took a listen, I really got MAD. Why in the hell is she doing her freaking repetitive stuff again? (She's repetitive about being repetitive.) I mean, I love a good list as much as the next guy, but this is going beyond writing "style" to writing "crutch" -- Alanis, we demand more from you.

And these lyrics are totally dreadful. And I have no idea what they mean.

At least Tori Amos confounds with true poetry.

I'm cracking myself up with this rant.

ta ta for now...

xolondon said...

YES YES YES Lucas, re the lists and repetition. Tedious. I've washed my hands clean of it...